by Peter Marus

What's up my peeps

-Today started off in a interesting way. A little background: I have been hanging out with a group of guys I met in a local R/C club for the past couple years. a couple years ago, we left that club and jsut hungout on out own (and sorta made up aclub ourselves, messageboard and all). We left that club because the guy running it was as ass. He would charge us to join and run at the public parking lot he happened to have a permit for (he had to get on his knees with the parks dept. if you know what I mean to get it). This was a big no-no according to the parks dept. (cant' charge money to use a public lot, even if you got a permit). There are other reasons for people leaving (like for me, he went around to hobby shops saying I was a racist), and eventually we all got tired of his BS and left. off and on, he tries to start stuff with us (like calling the police on us about us allegedly being irresonsable with our cars-yet the dingus said we were somewhere we weren't). He has done other things, but it all was childish and got him in trouble more than us.

Well this weekend he started in with another member, because I guess the house arrest he's on for being a deadbeat dad has him a little bored. This is on top of the fact that he's a huge junkie, has no job (claims he's on disability due to his Diabetes, but he can't prove that), and he's his wife's bitch, who is ironicly more manly than him!!! He also stole a bunch of money from members for himself, lied to local hobby shops to get free stuff off of them, but was later cought doing that. He's been trying to make it so he's the only club in town, but thanks to people like me and others spreading the truth and evidence of what he does, everyone knows he's an absolute zero and now has NO ONE in his club (he once in a while gets a newbie to lure in, but the learn quickly ald dumphis ass).

I still haven't gotten all the details on what happened, but apparently my friend said something in response to a posting on a mesage board, and this jackass stared in with trying to hack into our messageboard and mess with the accounts.....childish stuff this 50 year old pot/crack smoking ass is doing, all because he has zero social skills and is a huge loser.

-Other than that things seem ok, still havent' heard from this person I've been waiting to hear from. It's someone special to me, and I'm just worried. I am not in a full panic, since treatments this person has to get is some serious stuff and it does affect their health (soetimes good health days, sometimes bad health days type situation). Oh well, I"ll jstu have to wait and pray for things to turn out OK.

-Mets baby!!! they're kicking ass!!! Although they did almost blow the game tonight, they are doing well. just a damn thing that the entire division sit doing well too!!! It's always a good thing to hear the newscasts talk about how the Mets are doing well, and the Yankees are falling apart!!! Always puts a smile on my face.

-Now for the Metros, they won this weekend, but the message boards are STILL talking about how the security at GS is too tough on certain members of my group the last home game. I don't want to go into details, since I'm sick of thnking about it since my position on it has made people a lot more angry at me.

Here's what I'll say about it: the people that got in trouble have for YEARS been warned about their behavior, and at this one game, they wore shirts antagonizing the security at the stadium. After the game and another couple of warnings, security took the people into their office, and allegedly really gave them a hard time about it and apparently they were aggressivly taken down to the security office. I (aka "PSUDude" on the Metrofanatic boards) pointed out in a couple posts that both were in the wrong, and now people are PISSED at me. Should make going to a game next time fun, that's if I go to a game this season....I have enough stress in my life, I don't need more at something that's supposed to be a place where I escape it!!!

sorry for the rambeling as usual, but my mind doesn't do well in organizing things off the top of my head. I don't think these things out when I write them...makes these entries more real and legit. It jsut sucks that now all the things I enjoy are not jsut ANOTHER ste of issues and stresses...I CAN'T HAVE FUN ANYWHERE THESE DAYS!!!!