by Peter Marus

Good news came today in a couple forms, something I needed with my mindset today. First I get info about a party I was invited to Saturday night in Jersey. I am going just so I can get out and meet some people and just have a good time. Not going to drink too much since I am driving to and from the party and the equation of car with NY plates and north jersey troopers on a day known for drinking isn't a pretty picture. I do feel as if since this is a party and my first time going to their house i should get them a bottle of something, just haven't thought of what to get yet. Another good news was my federal tax refund came in the mail. It's some nice cash, and I have plans for at least part of it, while the rest goes into savings.

Also I have been throwing this around for a bit, but I was thinking of doing one of those podcasts. I have a computer that can do them with no problem, so why not. I don't want to do one alone (I would sound psychotic), and i just want to do one of two people bullshitting for a half hour-an hour, once a week. I have most of the hardware, minus a second USB mic/headset. Again this is all just stuff I was thinking of doing, but if anyone wants to help out or whatever, get a headset and we'll talk about it.