by Peter Marus

I”ve been reading Pat Buchanan's book, “Day of Reckoning”, and so far it blows my mind how right the man is about this country, how the world has changed since the cold war, and how fucked this country has become. His theories as to why this country has fallen apart and how Bush screwed this country over is spot on. Yeah, He's not a huge fan of Bush when it comes to how he's handled the war and most of his policies as far as this country. the more and more I read this book, the more I realized how right I was to vote for Buchanan when he ran for president. Most of you think he is crazy, but I challenge you to pick up this book, or any of his book, and tell me whatever he wrote is wrong.

I”m still amazed with technology. I have a webcam on my laptop, and with those who have a webcam, I can have a video conversation with them. I can also make video podcasts if I wanted, and if you go to, I can even have my own show on that site. It amazes me how technology is.

and now the most painful shot block ever.

and the story I found on it:

Also, if no one has noticed the NHL playoffs started. This is the best tournament in all of sports, even better than that NCAA Bullshit. Check it out, and see the best hockey this world has to offer.

One last thing: I learned this week that when you least expect it, a surprise will come and it will put a smile in your face, and a warm feeling in your heart. always remember that good things come when you least expect it.