by Peter Marus

In the train station by my job is something that us absolutely nauseating to see in the morning. The walls are covered with ads for a new shoe called “lipstick Jungle”. It's one of those shows where the allegedly hot, slightly older women that are in the professional world doing the modern woman are supposed to do these days: sleep around, and buy shoes. First off, the women in this show are in their late 30s to early 40s. That means these women's looks are like an old 78 Buick, it runs and is somewhat reliable, but it's one bad breakdown from falling apart and should be tossed on the scrap heap. Shows like this, and “Sex and the City” (which on a side note, has a movie coming out, and to hear the airhead “professional” women talking about it, you'd think it's a Scorcese or Coppola film), and whatever piece of garbage show like them are what I feel is the worst portrayal of women. These show seem to be extremely superficial and making chicks look like a bunch of materialistic skanks who are think that it's just so easy to get everything they want in life. It also promotes that type of sexiness that is such a turn off to me. It's that desperate sexiness that women who are average at best are really insecure in thinking they are 10s. this isn't just older women, but any age woman that knows she's as beautiful as ovarian cancer but she's trying to project the image they are the hottest thing around. These women have no business trying to look good and should just accept their mediocrity, and know that there has to be some desperate guy out there that would throw her a bone, with or without the assist of alcohol. Hell, that's where I am about myself. I know to some i”m damn good looking, and I know how attractive I am and I accept that. I don't go out there acting like I'm king shit, I am me and I am cool with that, and I”ll attract the chick that is just as hot as I am.

Now to talk about something totally different. I was listening to some Wu-Tang Clan (yeah I listen to them, sorta surprising considering some of my stances), and I am convinced if their music debuted today, it would blow away any of the garbage that is out there now. Even today, their music is just as strong and influential as it was in the 90s when it came out. Today's rap is really garbage, it's over produced, slick, over promoted, and just about nothing. Wu-Tang, and most of the rap stars back then were just stripped down beats and intelligent lyrics. The funny part is that I only like them as a group. I thought that individually each member was weak on their own albums. It seemed as a group they were to hide these weaknesses and come out with strong tracks on a consistent basis. Wu-Tang was also rap's version of Kiss, where they whored their name onto anything to make a buck.

Their work was almost on par with how grunge was doing for rock at the same time. As good as guys like Jay-Z, Nas, and Kanye West are, they are also victim to the overproduction of their music, but they are still heads and shoulders above every other rapper out there, who are as the old saying goes “all sizzle, no steak”. Yeah, I don't think 50 Cent is any good. When I se him perform, I am waiting for him to throw his feces at the crowd.

Another proof that the agenda in the media is to emasculate men; I just saw an ad on TV for the Oscars, where there's a bunch of guys sitting on the couch with beers and pizzas around them screaming and celebrating, when one of them tells the others to quiet down because the acceptance speech. If this isn't proof that the liberal jizzbags and queers in the media don't want men to be men, I don't know what else to say. Thank god I have a pair of balls between my legs, and I know how a ma is supposed to say and act.