by Peter Marus

OK the past few days have been quite interesting. I had to make a choice that I was really putting off, and in reality should have been made a long time ago. The other day I made the choice, and as much as it hurt and made me upset for a little while. In the end it is the right thing to do. See, if I didn't make the choice I did, I would still be living in the past, spinning my wheels over something that although I would like to have it move forward, it isn't up to just me in the end. So I am now going to move forward and see where the road that is like take me. I want to say thanks to those who had helped me in all this, you know who you are, I couldn't make it without you and all your advice. On the bright side, when one door closes, another opens. Hopefully the next one that opens has what I exactly want.

SO far I am also improving myself. I went out and bought a water filter, and gave up my Hi-C juice. I want to cut down on my sugar and see if that can help me lose some weight. I haven't checked my weight recently, but after a week of just drinking primarily water, I do feel better. So far that part is going for me, and the next part is to actually work out. That I still have to figure out what exactly I will be doing for that.