by Peter Marus

What a horrible day. Woke up today to my alarm going off. I got up, turned it off, and sat on my bed and watched tv. next thign I remember, I was laying down on my bed and noticed that the time was 1/2 hour later then my alarm. Well this put me in an irritated mood. So I go take my shower, changed my clothes and then started my daily job search. For some reason, my computer was acting funny, so I ran my spyware detecting program and then my anti virus program. This took a while to do, so even more time wasted. In the end I got it all cleared up and now I can fax my stuff to some companies.

At this point (12 noon), I go out for my daily walk. Well, for the most part it went well, just halfway home, my ankle started to bother me...this is just great, going to limp for the rest of the damn day. When I get home, I continue doing my job search thing (after reading the papers and looking at the ads in there). Then from then to now, I just felt bad. Not sick, just not good. It's hard to explain. So I lay down for a bit and also play some videogames just to take my mind off of stuff (played NHL hockey 2k5, since it's the only way I can see any hockey this season!!). After that, nothing really exciting, jsut made some pfone calls and watched the US soccer team play Jamaica tonight on TV.

Also started to put applications in for seasonal work at retail stores, though seeing the stack of aplications at some of the places, it doesn't look too good for me. Also doesn't help when Ionly speak one language (god forbid that would be enough these days!!!)

Saturday, My parents are having some of their friends over for dinner, so I"m looking for something to do Sat night to get out of the house. If I don't find somewhere to go (most likely going to happen), I'll probably be Mr. anti-social and stay in my room the whole time. Not that I don't like these people, I never met some of them, just I don't want to hang around them when I could be hanging around people my age