by Peter Marus

Firs off, let me whore myself out and show you the column I wrote last week

Second, nothing much really going on, just sitting here looking for work form 7am-about noon. I have been getting some calls about my resume and getting some bites, but nothing really seems to be coming from it. I don’t want to hear that “keep you chin up fella” bullshit, it’s been too damn long and it’s pissing me off to no end. I can’t start to tell you how much this has affected me, not just financially, but also personally. I could go into great detail about it here, but I really don’t think you really need to know all that…well at least yet, I’m sure it will get to a point where I rip off a huge ass post where I go into great detail about how my health has been and stuff of that nature due to the overall frustration of my life.

My lower back is killing me. I have no idea what happened, but all of a sudden my lower back has been killing me, and at one point I was in so much pain, I almost pissed myself getting out of a recliner. Today a lot of the pain is gone, but it still affects me a little.

Today was a fun day. I got to see some “buddays” today. When I get the pictures of what happened, I’ll write in full detail on what happened and how cool people were when they treated us.

One more thing: HIT THOSE LINKS ON MY PAGE!!! I don’t make any money off it (wish I did, maybe get a cool nickel for every click or something), but some of those blogs/sites are great to go to. I especially love going to the Bloward’s site. I find that one of the best blogs I’ve read just to laugh or think (next to mine of course). One that fascinates me is The Big Sexxy. The guy who writes it is into death metal (He is the drummer from “Unhollowed”), yet when you read his blog entries and his message board posts, he is a little whiney!!! I say that in jest, but still it is something you wouldn’t expect from a death metal dude.