by Peter Marus

Just wanted to write something tonight. Bring weekend for me, didn't' go out or anything. I was originally going to go into Manhattan to watch the US U-23 team play in an olympic qualifier with some people in a bar, but at the last minute chose not to. Partly because I was not in the mood to take the train in (yes at times I'm a lazy bastard), but also I thought that I should really cut back with my social engagements. I have one thing to go to next weekend, but beyond that I'm not really making any plans at the moment between now and September outside of soccer. Why are you asking? well, the less money I spend on going out and getting drunk, the more money in the car fund. Also It is nice to just check my bank account and actually see money in it now. Sure, I”ll probably go out every so often, but not as much. It's cheaper to get beer or some liquor and stay home and catch up on all the movies I got that I haven't watched in a while.

On the subject of soccer, CONCACAF (the people who oversee the soccer events here in the north/central Americas and Caribbean and represent the region when it comes to FIFA matters), is still one of the worst ran organizations. They are a real embarrassment. I was watching the US play in their Olympic Qualifiers, and in the stadium, the crowd in attendance was stacked on one side of the stadium. Some MLS clubs do that to make it look like there's a real crowd (RBNY is going to this year at Giants Stadium). Only thing is that CONCACRAP decided to stack the crowd on the side WITH THE CAMERAS on it, rather than OPPOSITE the camera. So on TV it looked like no one was in the stadium. How fucking stupid is that?!?!? This is the same organization that is ran by a guy who hasn't met a bribe he never liked, and rather than try to make the entire region better overall in the sport he has piggy-backed the fortunes of the confederation on the success of Mexico and the US. I for one am sick of how every nation in this confederation have an equal vote on matters, and that includes nations that have no business in soccer and do not take it seriously. This hurts the US and Mexico greatly.

I would love for the US to go to the South American Confederation. It would mean better competition for both the national teams and club teams in MLS. It would mean the US would not have to play the second-rate countries like they do now, but real competition. I am sure some here are saying “Why would you want the US to play in a harder confederation and possibly not make the World Cup?”. Simple, The US and Mexico are like Rangers and Celtic in European competition-the big dogs in Scotland, but mediocre in higher levels of club competition. Both the US and Mexico are the class of this area, but okay at best on the world stage, and it's because of all the crap nations they have to compete with and not have to have their A-game all the time. Better competition leads to better quality play in MLS, and more money in the end.

Today was Palm Sunday, and next week is Easter. As a good Catholic I realized all this last Tuesday. And with that I am done tonight.