by Peter Marus

First it was a state and one of it's agency I hated, now I'm up to the Federal Government. I am expecting my federal tax refund, and it was supposed to have been here by now according to my tax preparer. Today I got all the info from him to call the IRS to ask about where the hell is my money. I go through all the phone crap and get some hayseed on the line. I say all the info I was required to give, he puts me on hold several times, interrupted with stupid questions like “You didn't get your check, right?”, “When did you file your return?”, and shit like that. After 20 minutes, he tells me that they have to track down my check, and see if it was just lost in the mail (where then they just send me another check), or if it was stolen and cashed (where they send me a COPY of my check and a ton of paperwork for me to fill out). How long should this take.. oh, 45 days....45 FUCKING DAYS!!!!

Some out there are probably saying “chill out, these things happen.” Well, when it involves almost 2 grand, and that it's the government's responsibility to pay me money that they OWE to me and haven't sent it to me in a month, I think I have a right to be pissed at these deadbeats. The federal government runs both the mail service and the IRS, and it involves money, so why aren't they making damn sure the money they owe is sent properly and guaranteed to those who are getting their money.