by Peter Marus

This weekend was a real hard weekend, I still hurt from all the work I had to do. Saturday night, I got to see the real champ beat the hell out of the pretty boy (not to mention knock him on his ass!!!). Sunday, I helped my cousin move is in-laws to their new house in Central Jersey (I think central, since all the businesses had 732 area codes). I learned several things that day:
1. I'm amazed a U-Haul Truck can hit 90 mph without being required to be dropped out of a plane! I was driving my cousin's car with his sister-in-law doing 80 on the Jersey turnpike, yet my cousin drove the truck and was pulling away from me!!! Best part was the sweat coming out of me when my cousins sister in law mentioned the sign that said "speed limit-45 mph"....
2. I found out that his siter-in-law knows a whole hell of a lot about me, though i never really spoke to her a whole lot (not a bad thing, just found that intersting)
3. Jersey's suburbia are much more hardcore than Long Island's suburbia, yo!!! and two words about the area around the Holland tunnel....Crack Alley
4. Apparently, Jersey hates lefties, can't turn left off of Route 9, you have to make a round about way that requires 2 rights and a left just to make ONE left....
5. Small fact: if you're told to drive 6 miles down one road over the phone, it's really more like 9-10
6. During the entire trip, my cellphone didn't lose any reception...YES VERIZON RULES!!!!
7. no matter what road/highway my cousin chooses to take, it's always backed up with traffic!!!!
Well, tonight I learned I can help people get to their home over the phone, even if they barely give me an idea where they are...must be from all that boyscout training