by Peter Marus

Just a couple quick notes. First I am dead to Myspace. I shut the account down, so now I am on Facebook and Twitter only. Also I am slowly building my website, where the key word is SLOWLY. I’m working on it on my computer, and havent uploaded it yet. I am trying to get it right, or at least not really shitty. Here’s the deal; form what I’ve seen form Iweb, I could move my blog there, and add entries and edit them from there with no problem. So I may move this thing over there. I still have to make sure if it’s viable to do. First I have a 200 gig cap as far as data transfer goes with MobileMe. My site and blog shouldn’t reach that limit, so maybe I’ll test it out to see what can happen.

That’s it, nothing else really going on. I’ve been busy as hell with work and at home. Most of what I wanted to do this week will be moved to Saturday, shich sort of sucks but also good I can get it all done that day.