by Peter Marus

Ok I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past few days. I’ve been trying to improve myself and learn from some things that have been going on. This included a lot of thinking of some of the things that have happened, how they could have turned out different if I learned what I was supposed to learn earlier. But then again, all these things happened for a reason, and it put me where I am now.

One other thing I was thinking of is some things to write here. I was thinking of doing some gimmick posts, to see if I can make some of you people laugh. The one I always threw around was to write an entry like how a wrestling promo. Soon after I thought of it, I realized how hard it would be. The two greatest wrestlers on the mic ere Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. These are the two guys I look up on Youtube and marvel at the skills these guys and how they were to help move the story-line they were in, or even help build up the other wrestler. I couldn’t write that well, and to write what they say would look annoying to read and write. I thought of how it would be to try to write as, say, Dusty Rhodes, it would be inane ramblings about America and how it’s the land of opportunities, and to get his lisp into writing would be impossible. Also I couldn't get the “soul” he had in his voice which made his promos sound so cool. I certainly couldn’t write as Flair. First off instead of inane ramblings about America, it would be inane ramblings about being the best at everything and what it’s like to be a limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling-dealing, kiss stealing, son-of-a-bitch. As well as all this, both randomly during sentences, and at breaks, i would have to put some “WOOOOOOOOO!!!”s in it. On top of it, I can’t write me in the middle of the rant me taking off my jacket, throwing it on the floor, running around it as well as dropping elbows on the jacket. It’s just too much work.

One other thing I’ve been thinking of is more brainstorming. I said I wanted to put up a small site of myself, and I haven’t had a chance to get really into it, due to family things. I have a basic idea how I want it set up

-A welcome page-where it welcomes the person to my site, and has the links to other parts.
-A bio page-where I talk about myself professionally and personally. I was thinking of putting up a paragraph or two about my past job history and what I’ve done and accomplished. Also a paragraph or two as well about my personal life. Or simply combine the two. I also threw out on Twitter the idea of having some people write a short summary about me-both good and bad parts of me. My idea was to tell people what email address to write to, and write a short paragraph about me. I’d give a time-span to do it, and whatever I get I’ll look at and put up some of them. Again, this is what i’ve thought of doing and nothing concrete.
-Resume-simply, redo my resume and simply put up there and maybe get a job offer or two.
-Blog-this thing here, though maybe not. I may keep it and redo it a bit to match the theme of the site I would be making. One big thing that came up was form a friend of mine asking if the content would change since I would be really putting my name on here and identifying myself with this. I won’t since I simply don’t buy into the fear-mongering. I don’t buy into the whole “what if an employer sees what you say and that could cost you a job.” If it does, so be it, and why would I want to work at a place that wants to control me both on the job and when I am not. I will not be scared to “to the line” for anyone or anything. I think and believe in what I do and won’t be told what to think. At work I do what I am hired to do, and I will play be the rules. Once I am out of the job, that’s MY time and I will do what I want. So I won’t change the content. I will be changing the name as I said, and maybe modify the layout.
-Links/social media-in essence a page of links to people and things I like and enjoy, as well links to my social media pages/tools like Facebook, Myspace, and IM names. Also my twitter feed here as well, or on the front page.
-Photos/videos-just stuff I shoot either still photos or videos. I still have the bug a bit and would like to continue to do it as a goof.

So you see I have an idea what I want. I do have some things to work out, like hosting but I have some leads on that. I could probably use MobileMe’s space that I have, since most of these pages would be not really huge. The traffic shouldn’t be more than the 200gig/month limit they offer, but who knows. I could simply get hosted somewhere, but i have to see how much a month it would cost me. One thing is do I keep my blog here, or move it as well. If I move it, then the archive is gone-I won’t keep up all the old posts and at most three or four posts at a time. Blogger makes it simple, so it’s tempting to just rename this and change the link name, and just link to here.

I also have to figure out a basic layout, probably something simple like one person I admire, Steve Jobs. He has a simplistic attitude to what he does, but it is also elegant. If you ever see how his keynotes are constructed, the simplicity is amazing considering what he does in how he projects the message and the power that message usually has.

One other consideration is that I need some better pics of me if I wanted tp put some up so people know what the hell I look like!!!

I welcome suggestions and ideas if you all have any. Please bring them.

one final note. I got “Peggle” for the Mac. It really is like crack. Look the game up, and even though it looks stupid, it’s highly addictive like how “Tetris” was. Try it out.

OK, enough, I am done