by Peter Marus

Hey all how are ya? Jesus Christ what a clusterfuck of a week. Almost not sleep Sunday and Monday night, nothing but bad surprises all week-both at work and in personal life-that forced me to work almost twice a hard as I usually have to. On the bright side, I won something on ebay I have been looking for and I got it at an insane discount. I also got a small raise (emphasis on SMALL-shitty last quarter at the bank, I'm just glad I am still working) and a good bonus from last year.

Ok another thing lately that has me a tad irritated and convinced this country is completely fucked. That cow Clinton is threatening MSNBC to pull out of their debates because one of MSNBC's analysts pointed out something that he had every right to. He asked if Clinton's daughter is being “pimped out” but the campaign to call these “superdelegates” to sway their vote (which to me sounds illegal-but thats me). What a shock that those pussies at MSNBC bent to the pressure and “suspended” (meaning they are waiting a couple days to fire) the analyst and made him APOLOGIZE for a valid question and opinion. So what does this mean? That the idea of opinions are no longer allowed in the media. THE FUCKING MEDIA!!!! So that's one more freedom taken away because some asshats got their feelings hurt. Hey, if that pig Chelsea did what she did, she got involved with the process, and is as open to criticism just like her mother. Slowly but surely, this country is losing it's balls, and it's getting harder and harder to live. But this is all coming from a White, heterosexual, Male....the trifecta of wrong in this pussy ass, fucking douchebag of the world.

All of you mocked me when I preached that Pat Buchanan was the most sane guy in politics. I voted for the man when he ran for president. Read any of his books, and all the shit that has happened recently he predicted years ago. He said this country is going to go to hell in a handbasket, and look around you. if you think I'm wrong, fine. When the savages screaming “Allah this” and “bahwah that” come and destroy this country because the people here are arguing over some petty bullshit, don't say you weren't warned. It's already happening-US banks had to go beg these Arabs for money because the banks were stupid enough to give some deadbeats mortgages who have no right to the,, and shockingly they weren't repaid. I'm frightened over all this since I've seen people let go because no one else will take responsibility for their shitty judgment.

on all this anger subject, I found another great comic who thinks this way as well. I've been a fan of him for years and love his attitude and observations. Nick Di Paolo is his name, and he's got an Internet radio show on at . You can also find the podcast pf the show (it's the day's show sent out after it's done-I listen to it the next morning on the train to work) on Itunes when you search under “Nick DiPaolo”

Thats it everyone. Love me or hate, you know you still are going to read this. The men who read this wish they thought like I do, and the women who read this wish they had a man like me in their lives (some could have, but they thought I was expendable in their lives). So keep reading, I'll keep writing and we'll have our opinions-that's what America is all about isn't it?