by Peter Marus

I haven't written anything about O&A and their suspension for something totally not right, mostly because I already written my thoughts about the whole “stalinization” of America a few weeks ago. I haven't joined the protest and did what the cool kids did and canceled my Xm subscription. I haven't yet because first I want to see where it pans out. Second, I like the music selection and sports selection, FAR better than anything radio can do. Also I love Ron and Fez, and they are still on XM. Call me a bad O&A fan, whatever, fuck off. I do what I damn well please, and whatever the result, I'll live with it

Ron and Fez has recently become may favorite show, there's no major drama from them. They go in, do a solid show, and that's all that matters to them. If I could be half as cool as Ron Bennington, I'd be twice as cool as I am now. He is a really funny guy and has a vast knowledge of a lot of subjects. On top of it, he has the gift of being able to convey whatever he wants to and have everyone “get it” and understand without asking questions. I have been told that I have that gift with words, but sometimes I doubt I do. I was just having a conversation (Myspace message tag really) about this, and I seem to impress at least someone with my skills. It's a pretty cool feeling to get that kind of feedback.

Fez Whatley on the other hand is someone that the fans can love and enjoy. He has issues, and he has talked about them on the air. Whether or not it's a shtick is up to you, but one thing that is real is the recent heart issues he has had. This past couple weeks have been hard to listen to the show because Fez has had another episode with his heart,which led to a second stent put in him. I get the real Heebie-jeebies listening to the show now, because what Fez is talking about with the procedure and the overall story he is telling has a lot of parallels to the last several years of my father's life. It's so close down to the same hospital!!! If they mentioned the doctor my dad had on the air was the same one Fez had, I would have shut off the radio. Although I am done grieving over my dad, the whole thing hit home a little too close.

What the fuck is with me these days?!?!?!? I've been getting the heebie-jeebies a lot, my thoughts have been on a roller coaster, and when that wasn't happened my mind feels like it was mush. It was funny today my co-worker said I looked a hell of a lot better today, and I didn't look so tense. I also noticed I was a lot sharper today, since this week Ive been sloppy at work. Hopefully I”m done with that mental clusterfuck I was going through the past couple weeks and can move forward. Guess I'll have to wait and see.