by Peter Marus

Today was a fun day. I went to the mall today and met up with someone i've been meaning to meet up with for a while. We spent the next couple hours hanging out, going to different stores there and in other stores on Queens Blvd. We also drove around for a little bit to talk. One big thing (for me anyway) was that I passed the "Bronx tale" test (where the person that sits in the passanger seat, in this case me, unlocks the driver-side door for the other person before they get the chance to try to unlock the door). Idea behind it is that wheather the person in the car is interested in the other person enough that they would help the other out by simply unlocking the door for them. The idea is that if they are considereate enough to do that, they are considerate enough to do many other things for the other person. If they don't do it, it shows that they are selfish and only looking out for themselves and wouldn't really care for the other person's needs...guess which part I fall in!!!
It sucked that's all we did, but for a "meet up to get to see each other in person" type thing, it was cool. What made it really cool was to actually talk in person, rather than over the net or phone. That's what made today really good, since now I know that what I thought about this person is not only true, but better.