by Peter Marus

What a waste of a day. Slept in till 11, got up and just loafed around the house until 1. Then went out with my parents to the Island jsut to get out of the house. Eventually we got back home and still just sat around the house. I did Nothing that I wanted to do, so my trip to the temp agancy will probably be Wed. since I haven't really re-read my book on Office for the retests I was going to take.

I don't understand my attitude recently. It seems like I have no energy or desire to do anything. I have no idea what's going on, and it bugs me. Maybe if by some miricle someone hires me and I get some money, this will change. I still haven't decided if I"m gonig to post my resume here, though I'm sure those who read this would like something to actually laugh at!!!

I hope things go well this week, uncertainty is a real drag on one's mind. Maybe the answers i have been searching for will come this week, but if not that's jsut another thing that hasn't gone my way.