by Peter Marus

I'm pissed off to see that a Dutch lawmaker folded like a cheap suit and took down a video he made attacking Islam and the savages that follow and use it as justification for the brutality they do. It wasn't long ago these animals got their robes in a bunch after some cartoons making fun of their religion were published. Fuck you and your savage interpretation of a religion. I”m sure you pissed yourselves whenever a Catholic kid-touching joke was made. I”m so sick that the Catholics can get their balls broken over and over, yet every other religion is untouchable and considered a message of hate. Say something about the Jews and you have the JDL up your ass. By the way, the Jews follow a religion-THEY ARE NOT A RACE!!! Anything bad happening to them is NOT racial!!! I can choose to be Jewish, I can't choose to be black. The Muslims....are all a bunch of dickless, insecure jackoffs that can't take a fucking joke. It amazes me how this world gives them this wide birth when it comes to their actions, from having a stranglehold on the oil supply, to whenever they are upset or throw a temper tantrum, we all are supposed to bend over backwards to appease them, rather than smack them in the mouth and tell them to cut the shit out. It's so aggravating that no one can take a joke, and these animals get a free pass to be pissy little bitches when someone tries to show that they have some ridiculous people who follow their religion and that their religion is no better than anything else.

On a totally different note. I watched the WWE hall of fame ceremony tonight while switching between the MLS game on Hdnet (and it was great to see Landon “Pussy” Donovan and David Beckham eat their balls in getting their asses kicked tonight), and I think I found someone to vote for this election. Ric Flair for President!!!! The man can work a mic and get a crowd on his side, and unlike the Democrats that have this country polarized, this entire country is “Flair country”. Plus it would be nice to see the four Horsemen in the cabinet. Also seeing and hearing the Rock tonight, he'd make a good Secretary of State.