by Peter Marus

I watched the Nick Dipaolo video show on (apparently he may be doing that rather than just an audio podcast). He does it from his house with a webcam, a mic, and this site he did it on. I have a webcam on my laptop, and honestly would like to use it more. I would like to use it for chatting, but it seems most people don't have a webcam. I haven't gone trolling for the websites where I can chat with others via a cam and a mic, but if I happen to find one, my luck it will just be full of guys showing off their junk. I did throw around the idea of doing a video version of the garbage I do here, but first off I'm not a 12 year old emo fag or chick, and I doubt there would be a demand to her the ramblings of a apparent sociopath. Plus, this chick took my gimmick.

Girl Talks Tough on Webcam - Watch more free videos

Anyone have any ideas, Im me or leave a comment, would like to read.

Next, I have come to the conclusion that the liberal crap that is on campuses of America is going to be the downfall of this country, since said liberalism is a breeding ground for anti-American attitude and potentially a ice hiding spot for a sleeper cell. I haven't been on a college campus for several years, but when I was on one (Penn State University), it was disgusting how hypocritical the liberal pussies are. First off they bitch about acceptance and freedom of speech maaaaaaan, but say anything to point out the realities of the world, like what i say on here, the calls for racism or any other “isms” come out. If you are anything centralist or conservative, the abuse one gets on a campus is amazingly saddening. If you ever go to a forum when someone who is quite conservative is on the panel, they are treated with cheap shots, really tough questions, and just abused. Yet any liberal is on the same forum, their asses are kissed, they get nothing but compliments and questions that are lobbed so softly, it looks more like bowling than a softball question.

Also on college campus, everyone is allowed to have a group. Well, not really everyone since if you tried to make a white group, or a group for straight people (which some tried at PSU in response to the gay/lesbian group and show how dumb it is to have a group that labels people),again you're a bigot, you're a racist, you are scum. Do anything normal people would think is fun, and some group is offended. Look, I am for all the free speech in the world, but when in a world that this speech is supposed to generate a dialogue to better people is censored because it might hurt someone's feelings, or it means that someone doesn't agree with another's views, that's a problem. Especially when they wrap themselves in the American flag. Watch the movie “PCU”, Jeremy Pivin's greatest role that also has John Favreau, David Spade, and the God of funk, George Clinton. That may be called a comedy and fiction, but in reality, that's how college is now!!

ok this is all I can think of right now, my head hurts thinking of how this world is doomed. Me, Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, and anyone else who has not been afraid to tell people what they feel, are always the ones called nuts or loons. In the end I will be proven right and I expect/demand apologies from the ones who doubted me.

again i'd love to hear from you people with comments, suggestions, and questions. don't be afraid I won't bite. Might tell you to bite me, but I won't bite