by Peter Marus

Ok, this holiday weekend was one of my worst I've ever had to endure in my 26 years on this planet. One day, One damn day is all I wanted to NOT think about any of my problems, and enjoy a day of football, food, and drinking. Do you think my family would be considerate of my situation and at most limit any questions/suggestions to a minimum?? OF COURSE NOT!!!! I think I only got about 3 minutes of what I wanted, then the questions and suggestions came for the entire damn night!!!! It just got too damn much. Eventually, I started giving wiseass answers (maybe that'll finally give them an idea I'd rather not stay on this subject), but then they get angry at me...topper of the entire thing: my aunt telling me "I don't want you to see you screw up your life!" Now, if she wasn't my Aunt but my Uncle, i would have started swinging right then and there......At least my father had the class and consideration to try to steer the conversation off of me and to something else. Well partly it did happen, they started praising my sister and my cousin's kids...not only to be nice but i'm sure to rub this all in my face (I can tell by how they were talking and how some looked DIRECTLY at me after saying some compliments). After this night with people I'm supposed to be thankful to have them around me, I came to a couple conclusions:
  1. Whenever there's a family get together, I take my car.....i will not be stuck in a hell like that again!
  2. Christmas, these people show up here, i've made it clear to my parents and sister to let them know this treatment will not be accepted here, and it will be dealt with in some form.
Sorta makes what I said in another post seem like a lie, but this was only part of the family, others do show more respect to me....
So the entire weekend this was on my mind (still is to a point, I mean, how often is it when it's you against an entire house of your relatives who have delusionl ideas as to how it is in the world today). At least my trip to Jersey yesterday was fun, got my mind off all this for at least a couple hours.
As far as sports go, My G-Men lost again (but it's not Eli's fault, the past two starts were only agaisnt the 2 best teams in the NFC!!). Still no hockey, but my Rangers on Sega's NHL 2K5 are in the playoffs, this is after I traded all the overpriced leeches (Lindros, Jagr, Holik, Dunham, know the "stars") and got draft picks and younger players (even got Dany Heatley from the Thrashers). In soccer, Man U looks like they're finally getting off their (as the Brits like to say) arses and are now winning again....they won over this weekend and last Wed. beat Lyon, the French League Champions in a UEFA Champions League match, which pretty much qualified Man U for the knockout phase of the tourny. The Mets look like they are going to add Pedro, but also resigned Kris Benson, which means his wife may be around the town for a couple years...and men rejoiced at the news!!! (he's also a good pitcher, so that's a bonus).
On another note: thanks to ESPN Radio here in NYC, whenever I hear Eli Manning's name, I start to hear "Eli's Coming" by (I believe) Three Dog Night...they played this song for the first month he was with the team, and it's stuck in my head. Other songs I hear in my head from time to time include a "I Walk The Line" cover by Los Lonely Boys (actually a great cover), and the cover of "Another Brick In The Wall" by Korn (it's good, but I expected more for some reason).