by Peter Marus

Nothing much going on in my life, just thought I'd write here just to put a new post on this. Nothing big worth mentioning in my life at least. Just doing my thing here, and hopefully it'll eventually turn into something positive. I'm in the process of redoing my resume to see if the change will net me more interviews. Maybe I'll post it here for all to see someday, but dont' count on it.

Another thing going on is I haven't slept much at night. When I'm all alone with no noise and I just lay in bed, all I hear is my mind working. And IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!! All that goes through it is just random thoughts (memories of my past, just the problems I have, etc.) It keeps me up to usually abour 3am, but I always wake up at 8 or 8:30 (don't ask, that's when I wake up, even without an alarm). I don't know why, but this happens from time to time. Ten it jsut stops and I sleep with no problem. Hopefully it'll clear up soon.