by Peter Marus

This is probably going to be the second longest thing I write tonight. I just got done writing a long ass email to a friend explaining that, as much as she seems to think she is “damaged good” due to the run of bad luck she is on, I’ve seen and known a lot worse. I wont’ go into detail of what I said, but I will say that this person has never shown to me the tendencies I’ve seen in women in my life time. It’s either the sociopathic tendencies, the apathetic tendencies to anyone and everyone around them, or on the other side of the spectrum-the melodramatic bullshit of how everything is going to hell over some minor thing. This person has never shown these things and in the end of my long w-winded email I reminded her that is she was so “damaged” she probably wouldn’t have nearly as many people around her that are willing to help her out when they can. And that email was probably one of the few times this week I will go out of my way to help others. Since this job I got has me helping others all day, I figure once it hits 5:01, I am not obligated to help anyone with a damn thing.
Anyway, last night I was trolling around the internet just looking at stuff. I was also listening to some music on my computer. A band came on that is one of those bands that always puts a smile on my face when I hear them. The band is called the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. They were a band in the 90’s that had some decent success here, bit in the end moved to the UK where they found a lot more success, and still do some damn good music. Not to mention they are a band from NYC, so that alone puts them above most of the music out there even if they stunk. They have a gimmick that is best described as part “Reservoir Dogs”, part Sopranos (which surprised me they didn’t get any fame during the show’s run since Mob-chic was in at the time). I chose a couple songs that I found the videos of on the net:

First is their biggest hit “the Fun Lovin’ Criminal”:

Second is a song called “Scoobie Snacks”, another decent hit:

now here’s a song called “The King of New York”

this one’s called “Big Night out”-unedited for the most part:

There are more videos out there, but here’s just a small sample. Look them up on Itunes, they got an interesting style to their music that warms the cockles of my heart.