by Peter Marus

-Well, had my big to-do at Amex today....what a waste of time!! First the herd me and 8 others like cattle into a couple small rooms to take tests on computers.  The tests were math and reading comprehention tests (both 20 questions in 20 mins).  I felt like I was taking the f-ing SAT all over again!!!  The math part was complex as hell, mostly things related to interst rates of bank accounts and crap like that.  I barely had enough time to get it all done in 20 mins.  The reading comrehention part also was a pain in the ass, some of the most boring crap and the questions were all curveballs.  The last part was like my Pathmark test, where they threw you a ton of questions (some repeated, but worded differently), to test my consistancy of answering questions.  I"m glad I didn't get the interview.  The people there were shady, and something didn't feel right.  Best thing that got me was I was a communications graduate, what the F do I know about finance?!?!?!

-"Rescue Me" on FX is the best show on TV.  Denis Leary is fantastic and he should really be still doing his old show "The Job".  I say should because ABC (where "The Job" was aired) chose that every week they;ll change the showtime, and then they can the show due to low ratings.  Back to "Rescue Me", it really shows what Firefighters go through, especially Leary's character, where he has to deal with the ghosts of his past (family members, especially one that dies in 9/11, past people he resued, etc.).  It's a really powerful show, much like what "the Shield" was to cop shows, this show is to firefighter shows.  It's also a funny show as well to cut the tension in the show. 

-Metros are going into the all-star break with a win, after beating KC tonight...and they are still in first, but as long as they are ahead of DC, it's all good!!!!