by Peter Marus

This Memorial Day weekend has really bit the big one. I've been sick the past couple days, and today it's gotten worse. My entire plans today pretty much had to not happen, and today involved me sitting in my living room going through my DVR looking at some old shows and being pissed. Tomorrow may not happen, and that would mean another RBNY game I miss, and that's gotten me angry. I probably could go, but going to a sporting event sick really sucks. A 90 Minute game feels like 6 hours when your head is so congested like mine. Also like I was reminded of today, is that when you are sick, your attention span sucks, hence why I haven't really played any video games today or really watched entire shows on my DVR. A soccer game in this state wouldn't help. Last time I was this sick at a game, it involved a crowded bus ride, a shitty club where the teams new owners were bribing the fanbase to accept them, a toilet of a stadium, and a brawl in the parking lot (due to the non-security at the stadium...but my theory is that we are from NY and NJ, and the stadium is on the Va side of the goddamn math!!)

My head is so congested, the idea of slamming my head into the wall and hope it cracks open to relieve the pressure. What's got me pissed is that I can't use any of the good decongestants due to the fact I have high blood pressure, and the good stuff makes the blood pressure skyrocket. The crap they say is safe for people like me are without the stuff that caused the skyrocketing blood pressure-WHICH IS WHAT MAKES THE MEDICINE WORK!!! That's like when diet pills got rid of the materials that cause hearts to explode, but that stuff accelerates the body to burn off the fat. Seriously, I am really pissed. I hope at least some of the people here have had their weekends be completely destroyed by something or someone. One good thing is that “Uninformed with Bill Burr and Joe DeRosa” is on XM tonight. Something that makes one feel less angry about themselves when others are angry on TV/Radio is amazing.

Other things that are going on include my full goatee is back, and it is driving me crazy!!! At least I have to have it for another week. I have it for something going on next Saturday, which should be a fun time. I had to grow it for a gimmick, and it's a gimmick that's the cheapest one and easiest one I could pull off in all honesty. I usually can't stand gimmick events, but this time I am making an exception and I want to do it. So those who think I do things for others expecting something back can go fuck themselves. Look back at some of the things I have done for others from the writing I did in the past on this thing, then see how big of an asshole I am.