by Peter Marus

I wish I didn't have this day off. Just when you think you are getting ahead financially, something has to happen to fuck it up. Today I am feeling good, got paid pretty good (I'll get back to why I am not totally ecstatic with my last check). I go to Gamestop to pay off some games I had on reserve, so I don't owe any when they come out, ad last night I bought some albums off of Itunes. I get back home to take a drive to Brooklyn to check something out. I get in my car, turn the key and....nothing. the car cranks, but not turn over. I also notice that it's close to 60k miles. First thing in my head: belt went. I get a tow to the service shop and a couple hours later I get a call from the shop. Turns out it was the belt and it broke a couple other things. So that and another thing, plus labor....about $1,000 total. A FUCKING GRAND!!! The guy says he'll try to get the car done by the end of the day (it's still there, have to get it after work). So the rest of the day I've been in a miserable mood, blown away but how fucked I am money-wise now. I also decided that this is the last big expense on this car I will do. Next time it breaks down and it costs as much, the car is junked. I can't see spending so much on a car probably not valued that much. So I transfer the money to my checking account, really taking a chunk out of my other savings accounts, and now ready to pay this shit off. I was offered help by my mom to help figure out getting a newer car, but I refuse to do it. I refuse help money-wise, because I don't want to owe anyone money. Much like my job search years ago, those who around me know how stubborn I was about accepting their help, and with money I want to do all this on my own, so if I do fail it's just me, and I'm not dragging anyone else down.

So any plans I had this summer went out the window. For the next several months, all money is going to be put in savings. Only real expenses are going to bills for the most part. I need to rebuild up my savings. This has also brought the idea of looking for another job for potentially more money, but in reality I am not sure if there is anything out there for a guy with my qualifications and skills. On top of this is the whole issues with my job, and that doesn't help much put my mind at peace. As far as my paycheck thing. Remember the bonus I mentioned I was getting? Well the company was thoughtful enough to add it to my gross pay. So yes, it was taxed along with my regular pay, so I only got a piece of what I was told I was getting. That really pisses me off (and yes I know most companies do that, but what's with the cocktease of saying you are getting so much, only to have it taxed and taken away from you before it hits my wallet). I am hoping to get a pretty good tax return, but I'm not putting any hopes on it.

So how was your President's day!???!