by Peter Marus

I walked around my building today, and this was something I noticed on one particular floor that's mostly women, and honestly sometimes just walking around the floor and seeing the “scenery”, it makes a bad day worth it and keeps me going at my job!!!

You know one thing I love in women; confidence. I have noticed that there are a few levels of confidence when it comes to women. There is the one level where they are cool about how they are and that they know where they stand in their lives. Then there are the ones who have that aura of confidence like the first level, but they are able to project it out much more intensely. That either is really a turn on for men, but also at the same time it can be a bit intimidating. It's not intimidating on purpose, but it sometimes comes off as she is “too much woman” for a guy to handle.

Then there's the woman with confidence, but it is in a cocky way. Like the “My shit don't stink” attitude, or the “I can have any guy I want at the snap of a finger.” These women are only putting up an facade (that's a false front for the slow readers), and the best way to show how fragile that facade really is by putting her in her proper place (verbally, not physically). An example of this is if you are talking to this chick and she gives you that look like you are garbage, find something about her that is not great about her, look deep into her eyes, and verbally slam her on it. You'll tear down her attitude and see how insecure she really is. Hell she may get off on it and be attracted to you. She may be attracted to you because she sees that you can take control of her and that could be what she is looking for in a guy. Only thing is that in the relationship you would have with her, as nice that you would be the man and in control, you would always have to “check” her to not only satisfy her insecurities and keep looking like the strong man she is now depending on, but also do so that it is fresh and new so she's not bored. At first this may be a fun time for the guy but after a while it an get boring and the inequality between you and the chick will in the end cause the unhealthy relationship get worse and fall apart.

I like a chick that knows where she stands in life and has her “feet on the ground”. That's where I am as far as my confidence, and I learned that equality with someone is one of the biggest things in any type of relationship. I feel good, and I want someone that feels just as good about herself, because if one depends on the other for happiness, that's codependency and that's not a good thing in the long term.