by Peter Marus

Today was a day that started out as beautiful, but ended in a horrible, horrible, way. Today was the big Metro-DC United game in Jersey. Along with this is the Rangers trying to close out their playoff series against the Capitals. I get to Giants Stadium and start doing the usual which involves some drinking, some socializing, and just having a good time. DC games bring out a lot more ESC members, especially the “old school” ones. Some were there playing music on their turntables, and it was a nice vibe. One thing I noticed was that there were a lot more chicks out this game. Usually there are only a couple at games, and they are usually only there because their dude’s brought them along. This time I saw quite a few roaming around in packs, besides the Red Bull sluts the team pays to flirt and peddle the team’s wares in the parking lot. Maybe it was the warm weather, maybe it was teh awesome drawing power of a swamp in North Jersey, or simply there’s nothing sexier than an soccer fan, who knows. They were there, but sadly there were a couple issues with them that relegated them to just “eye candy” to me:

t1. They were from Jersey. Sorry to break some hearts here ladies, but that is on the list of things I avoid when it comes to women now: live or have lived a significant amount of time in New Jersey. All the women I have gone out with form the state have led to some form of pain for me. Yes, those few “bad apples” have ruined the bunch for me.

2. Seeing the hardware on some of their left fingers, they were already occupied and I learned not to mess with situations like that, it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

3. Age difference and how somethings look more mature than they really are. I’ll leave it at that so I don’t have my hard drive confiscated or receive phone calls with some interesting questions’

4. Seeing some of the looks some were given me while I was just scanning the area, had I moved forward to them, not good things could have happened

The game itself was typical-potential there, but almost no follow through. The ending though shocked me despite all the times I’ve seen this team grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. In 5 minutes, the team let two goals in that should not have happened. Fist off the team played “bunker ball” to a point where they applied no pressure to try to gain possession and hold onto the ball for the rest of the game. This let DC take advantage of mishaps by RBNY and score two quick goals to win the game.

I was impressed with the loss. See, I don’t get angry anymore about this team, at least not as much. I look at games now as a chance to meet people (which I really should try to socialize more outside the soccer thing-there are some cool and interesting people I have met through the ESC and RBNY), cheer on a team, and enjoy the sport I have loved as a child. I am not sure if I ever mentioned this, but soccer was the only sport I could play as a kid. It was the only game where I could see the ball due to its size. Having Cataracts meant I couldn’t handle sunlight well, and baseballs weren’t visible to me, but a big soccer ball was (not to mention a pair of other ones I could see clearly......OH!!!). I don’t look at the Red Bulls as a sports team to see, I see it as a chance to socialize and also enjoy one of the few true loves in my life. Granted this love is more abusive-in the “socializing” where alcohol and sometimes “stuff” gets mixed in-but also in that the team crushes dreams and hopes like an abusive partner. But since I give the team and don’t get anything good from it, I think RBNY is my pimp. In the future I will write more about what my true loves in this world are, so that you all can see I am not a bitter, hate-filled, failure that some have called me.

Tuesday I go get some more ink done on my body. I decided to get what I said I would, and maybe tomorrow night or Tuesday I’ll post why I chose what I got. It wasn’t easy choosing how I wanted to look, but looking around I found what I think will look good.