by Peter Marus

So I had some time to digest the whole losing job deal. So far it hasn't totally hit me, but it has affected me a little. People seem to be a little shocked that I am not sitting here balling like a little girl. Like I said, this isn't a total shock to me, just a lot sooner than I thought it would happen. The only thing that has me a little upset is the question I've been asked a lot “what are you going to do now?” I'll tell you what I am going to do now. this week I'm going to get a lot of things done that I have had on the back burner for a while now-mostly because I had no time to get things done due to having a job. At some point this week I”m going to clean up and update my resume (which a copy of my current one is linked here-take a look at it and if you want me around at your job, hit me up I guess). After that I'm start the job search. One other thing that has had me bothered is that I ordered my new phone due to the fact I couldn't wait around an Apple store to get one in the morning. Had I know all this was going to happen I wouldn't have ordered it and went to the Apple store early tomorrow morning.

I know I am in my “single and staying that way” state now, but I did find myself wishing I had someone to help me through all this. And before certain people starts calling me to bitch at me, hanging out with family is different than what I am talking about. I know some who still read this probably have smiles on their faces reading what is happening, or at least deep down said to themselves “good he deserves this”, remember I'll always be better than you, and that you may think I did something wrong, but it wasn't me being the dishonest, cowardly pig. Also remember I'm not the one wanting you back, if i wanted you back I would have you back.

Speaking of relationships and stuff-I apparently am socially retarded, emotional nightmare, impossible to deal with in a romantic matter, etc (according to many who have experienced me and still read this in a stalkerish way). Why the hell do people still want my opinion on emotional matters?!?!?! Seriously, most who ask me for advice have seen what has happened in my life, yet want to know what I think or what I would do in their situation. I keep telling people that whatever advice given is totally my opinion, and if you act or use it in your situation and things go to hell, don't blame me or hold it against me.

Ok that's it, I'm tired of trying to write something that would entertain you. I have other things on my mind, and Sundays were sad enough for me without the events last Friday.