by Peter Marus

Before I write about me, I'd like to thank Ron and Fez for putting the song “Midnight Rider” in my head for the entire day. I was singing this damn song all day. They did a fantastic bit with this song, and they spoofed one of the greatest wrestling angles ever. Instead of Dusty Rhodes in a mask, they had their producer East Side Dave in the mask (and did a GREAT Dusty Rhodes imitation). The “Midnight Rider: was hired by R&F as a replacement for Dave since he was “voted” off the XM show. So Dave did the entire show in the Midnight Rider character, and the song played in the background of the show. It was a great bit, and if you don't listen to R&F, you are missing a fantastic show

OK, now about me. The past week or so has been a whirlwind for me. I got all my job stuff done for the most part, and now I have to look into the perks I get with the gig. I may be transferring all my accounts to BofA (hell, I work there, so why not?) since I get a break on some things in the checking and savings account. Ne of the coolest things I got to do (at least to me), was setting up my 401K account. This is a first for me, and I am glad I have a “account for me since I can't trust myself to save this money so take it out now and don't let me access it until I'm old” account now. It puts a little bit of me at peace abut my future. Also I get direct deposit so I don't have to worry about my check in the mail or anything like that. Gee, guess I'm becoming a grown up...I feel old yet I'm still young, the duality of life I guess

Other than that, things are not to shabby. Had a great Saturday, and hope to have another one this week. I'm going to see an old friend from HS at his B-day party Sat night, and hope to see some other alumni as well. Should be a fun night, and hopefully things work out where I have some other things going on to keep me entertained.

Yeah I suck at writing, but you STILL read this, so who is the fool now, HA!!!