by Peter Marus

I hate this time of year. The time/weather changes really mess my body and head up. Every time this time of year comes I tend to get depressed and just feel like crap and miserable. This weekend I have been in such a mood, even though Friday night I had a good time celebrating my cousins' wife's birthday. It was nice not being totally snotted, mostly because I was honestly more hungry than in the mood to drink (I didn't eat anything since lunch that day). I could also say my bad mood could be attributed to the Red Bulls losing and their season ending, but to be honest as much as it does suck, it doesn't really affect me. I am glad I didn't go to the game last night in Foxboro, I know I would have came back deathly sick and in an even worse mood.

I'm not sure if it's just the time of year that's really affecting me. It seems a lot of different things in my life has a different vibe, and it seems more tension and stress around those things in life. I don't know, it seems I have lost a lot of passion for a lot of things in my life. It scares me, since it seem like this loss of passion is not the “things change in life, and some thing come and go”-type. I don't know if it's also the “too much pulling me in different directions” scenario, but I think I really need to take a step back and see what I want and need to keep in my life, and what I should really consider getting rid of. It's something that sorta bothers me, since I always thought that what I do/have in my life makes me “me”, but at the same time I think there are things that need to change to make things better.