by Peter Marus

I am writing this on 2 hours sleep, but the lack of sleep was worth it. Spent all day in Giants Stadium's parking lot tailgating for the US-Argentina game (natural spot to be in 100 degree weather-in and asphalt parking lot). It was a good time, as usual. Especially with the people from around the country in to see the game. The variety of food was fantastic. I found it interesting (and good) that everyone drank much more water than alcohol, there was thoughts that some moron was going to try to just get hammered, and honestly if someone did seeing the weather, he deserved what he would have gotten. Anyway it was a good day, and a hell of a night. The US section was ruled by the ESC, with a little help from the NE fans, but for the most part, the “supporters” stood (and sat-a big no no in the section, you want to sit, go somewhere else) and looked like slack-jawed yokels. It was really annoying, considering that it was known that is you are in a supporters section, you have to get into the game and not just be an onlooker. The US team played like they were the best team, not the Argentines, and form what I understand, the pro-Argentina crowd weren't as loud or nuts like I heard about (again-all talk no show). The US almost won the game, and had the chances to, but it ended in a goalless draw. It was cool that the skies opened up 10 minutes left in the game, and it energized both the section and the teams. It also cooled off the air, which was nice when I was waiting for the traffic to die down a couple hours after the game (Giants Stadium is an abomination traffic wise-the worst stadium in the nation).

I saw the new Iphone, and I WANT IT. I've wanted to get one for a while, but just haven't. I may in the end just get it and have two phones, since changing over from Verizon would be a ball busting time (especially since my mom is on my phone account and she isn't really into the idea to switch somewhere else). I would stay with Verizon if they offered the phone, but they don't. Quite honestly, Verizon can sick a giant cock as far as I am concerned. They are anti-Mac since anything that is related to computers on their phones (outside of their website), is totally incompatible with Macs, and their customer service people flat out stick their noses up to Mac people. I asked them about some software on one of their phones and how I can use it on my Mac, and the moron said “Get a PC and get rid of the Mac.” That's the attitude I have to deal with as a subscriber??

They could have had the Iphone, but these jerkoffs thought their V-cast store was better than Apple/Itunes (that's the big reason Verizon passed on the Iphone-they had to have Itunes on the phone and not V-Cast). Seeing all the MSN crap on their site, I guess who also had a say in the choice to give up millions of subscribers (both new ones and ones that jumped ship). I tried V-cast, and after 10 minutes in the store I demanded Verizon to take the free trial off of my phone. Outside of their signal coverage, there isn't anything really special about Verizon that makes me say I really would be missing them if I did go with AT&T