by Peter Marus

Hello all. I went to a party last Sat night, and I learned a few things. First it's a bad sign that the joint you are in has a an air conditioner cranked up and a fan in front of it, and it's still hotter than outside in the summer time. The party wasn't too bad, but I stayed outside the place hanging to with others who couldn't take the heat ad noise in there. I did help try to make a Gay man look more...manly in his mannerisms (didn't really work, but it was at least a shot). No I am not trying to convert gays or anything, just trying to be nice to them since apparently one gay man in his wild actions has led to some good things in my life. So I feel I should be at least nice to them for a while. Besides the one I was trying to help is a good guy, and a hell of a cook.

I didn't drink at this party since the drinks in the place weren't that cold, and I really didn't enjoy drinking not so cold beer. I did gain a lot of respect for those who quit drinking and try to stay on the wagon. It must be hard with the temptation, but also I see that they must try to be more social and outgoing rather than relying on drinks to loosen them and others up. I am not a real drinker anymore, college really turned me off of the whole binge drinking. I still drink, but not really to get drunk. Seeing how things were last night, I was thinking of next time I go out to not drink at all and see how that works. Maybe it will help me open up more and make me to be more social. then again my next time out looks like it will be for my cousin's birthday and I may delay this experiment. Maybe I won't drink much that night and stay in a somewhat sober state, I will see.

I'm just thinking about today, and that I was stuck in Pa. that day for several days due to the city being shut down. I remember the morning of September 11 driving and getting to my parent's house and turning on the TV just at the time when the second tower coming down. I remember going to Wal-mart to get food since I knew I was stuck at the house for a few days., and the store was empty other than the electronics department, where everyone was watching the news on the events unfolding. What I really remember was worrying about my family I knew was working in the area. My dad drove his bus down in that area, and thank god some rookie held him up or he was going to be really close to the events. I finally got a call from him later in the afternoon when he told me he was shuttling people to the ferries and bridges. I also remember my cousin worked a couple blocks form the towers, and I later found out he walked from his job to his house in northern Queens (a long walk, believe me). Later on I found out some other cousins were supposed to be in the towers or in the area and but some fluke events they either just got away from the area in time or didn't make it at all. Sorry, this just was on my mind and wanted to get it out.

I'll end this on a brighter note: it's nice to see MTV chose to open their awards show for something they don't have anymore with a glorified day stripper. That alone should have been a sign that the show was going to be a complete clusterfuck. See those who have been wondering why all of a sudden I'm “nice Pete”, there's still a little “angry Pete” here, sometimes I don't have anything to be angry about.