by Peter Marus

AAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHH!!! Why do I even bother!!!! PSU fell apart yesterday to a team they should have beat, and the Mets took a sure thing, and in a little over 2 weeks threw it away and played their way out of the playoffs!!! I watched the Mets game today, and it was amazing to watch that decreped old man Glavine just meltdown on the field, and the worst part was that he wouldn't take responsibility when he was talking to the media. This was supposed to be THE team to win it all, and they threw it all away!!! 5 runs in the first, and absolutely NO emotion or passion in the game today. Pathetic!!!

At least the Giants look like they have gotten their act together. As I write this, they are up on the Eagles. The Red Bulls are still in the playoff hunt, and could possibly clinch a spot next game, but the thing is that they have to play DC or New England in the first round of the playoffs, and there's one small problem....Red Bulls have a problem with beating either team, and sometimes the team looks lost out on the field with they play either team.

I did find a way to calm myself down at night and make me relax. Doing my deep breathing exercises I learned from yoga has helped me calm down recently. I also started leaving my radio no at night on XM Chill ch 84, It's an interesting type of music, but it does help me calm down and not think, which leads me to worry, stress and not sleep.

sorry for the short post, just wanted to vent before I go to bed.