by Peter Marus

I just put a ton of video on my computer and backing it up as I write this. I figured I’d write about something OTHER than the trip. So, Yes technically you are getting a second entry today. Aren’t I a nice guy!

To start, the job search is going. This morning I sent an email to an old temp agency I used to get work from. In fact it’s the same one that got me my last job. Haven’t heard back from them yet, but I am not sweating about it. Also today I took my suit to the dry cleaner since the last time it has been cleaned was God knows when. Weird moment of the day: going through the pockets of my suit jacket and finding the prayer cards from my dad’s and uncle’s wakes. Not sure what this all means, but it was something unexpected.

I forgot how hard the job search is. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a clear idea as far as what job I want. So the day involved me going through various websites looking at administrative jobs, Customer service jobs, and anything I could think of that I have done in the past that I had a level of success. To be totally honest, as optimistic I am that things will turn out good in the end; it’s hard not to have that twinge of doubt and fear in the back of my head. Guess that’s normal in this situation.

In other things going on, I got the surround sound up and running. It went as well as I expected (some surprises, and some complications as well). It’s up and running, and it sounds good. It’s got a subwoofer, and the whole system makes things sound better. My videogames rule on it, but I haven’t tried “call of Duty 4’ on it yet, but GTA 4 sounds insane on it!

TIVO The Steve Wilkos show. It’s on after Jerry Springer. Wilkos used to be Springer’s head of security and he was given his own show. In short it’s an hour of him berating scum and douchebags on the stage. He makes them stand If the piss him off, and even throws the guest’s chairs off the stage. Hell berate them like any good old-school cop would (he used to be a cop in Chicago), and it’s just good to see him tear into some asshole who did something wrong or is acting wrong. Seriously, this should be on prime time TV, and he’s doing a great service to society with this show, and I wish there were more people like him.

Finally, since I am getting tired from all this writing and I have some more to do after this, I can’t get Sarah Palin out of my head. If McCain wanted to get some attention to his campaign, wanting this MILF to be his running mate did the trick! First off she looks like an ex-stripper, especially with those glasses and the rack on her. But reading about her, she seems to be more of the typical suburban housewife, especially with her ultra conservative views. She’s probably one of those women who like to be strong and confident in public, but behind close doors is very submissive and wants to be, as they say, “gorilla fucked” by her husband. What the hell do I mean for those who looked at their monitors puzzled? Lets say lovemaking isn’t her thing; she wants it hard and fast. At least that’s my theory. Seeing her daughters, I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. One of her daughters is knocked up, so just that adds to the hotness.

(Insert witty closing line here)