by Peter Marus

Ha ha!!! De La Hoya quit in his fight after he was bitch slapped around the ring by a midget (or the new term I heard for little people-“kickables”). Before someone tries to defend De La Hoya by saying he was hurt, bottom line he quit. If I was a Mexican, or Mexican American, I would be ashamed to have him associated with my people. Mexican boxers NEVER quit in a fight, no matter how beat they are. This jackass is always going “I am proud of my Mexican heritage, I am a Mexican-American, etc.”, but Pacquao showed everyone what most thought of De La Hoya, a has-been fighter that has no business in the ring, and that was proven back when Mayweather owned him in their fight.

Now De La Hoya can go run his company and work with that second rate T-shirt company and help them with their promotion...oh wait, Golden Boy promotions put one of their marquee boxing events in 2009 not only the same day as their partners’ Affliction MMA event, but in the same town!!! Way to work together dummies!!! If both wanted to make some money on their clusterfucks, they should have combined the events. God knows the MMA event needs the ticket sales since apparently having a main event pitting an overrated fighter they are protecting while giving them a trinket they call a world title, against a fighter that hasn’t really been relevant in years. Yeah, I called Fedor overrated; I don’t think he is as good as the hype.

Now a video, goodnight people: