by Peter Marus

The good thing with my insurance is that I am open to more doctors to go to. Let this be a lesson; just because a doctor is near your house doesn't mean they are any good. I had to go for a checkup the other day, and it will be the last time I go to the savages in this office. First, my appointment was at 10am. The Doctor didn't show up until 10:40!!!! I go into get my weight taken, and they didn't want me to strip down a little to get a more accurate weight. They have me take the weight and the assistant took the weight for what it is (no adjustment for clothes or anything). So obviously my weight that was recorded was over my actual weight. When the Doctor graced me with her presence (after taking care of someone that came in AFTER me), she starts in with the scare tactics about my weight, even though I am telling her how stupid her staff is and they took the weight wrong!!! So after hearing about my body mass is too high (from a chart-she NEVER did the actual test), how I may have diabetes, and playing the “family died from weight issues so you will too” card, she says she's going to take some blood to see how my medication is doing. I have to wait in the waiting room for 10 minutes (mind you I am just about going to be late for work), I get called in again. The assistant wants me to take off my shirt for an EKG!!!! I screamed to her and whoever was close by to stop wasting my time, take my fucking blood, and let me go since they are causing me to be late. Once all that is done I start running to to the train. By some miracle I get the trains at the right time and just make it into work in time!!!

I can't believe how some savages are allowed to practice medicine!!! and how dolts somehow make it through nursing school-especially ones that look like trannies!! Is the medical industry THAT desperate??? Shouldn't shock me how I as treated, since the doctor is from one of those countries that have over a billion people, have no respect for hygiene or cleanliness, and just have no respect for life (“there's a billion more where he/she came from” attitude). Now it's time for me to get a real doctor. Not to sound gay or sexist, but I want a male doctor, since they seem to know what they are doing.

Starting to learn Spanish, not a lot yet but I am learning. I just got through the first part of the lesson (taking my time-making sure I know it all before I go to the next one). Rosetta Stone has an awesome program, and it's really simple to pick up and I retain a lot of what I am learning. Eventually I will start buying the Spanish paper along with the Daily News so I can help learn the language even more. My goal is to get a good understanding of the language and be able to communicate with others in Spanish, and hopefully I will be able to be successful at it.