by Peter Marus

This world is full of idiots, and apparently they all want to prove it at the WTC site. The plan was to put a nice memorial to the victims of 9/11, but now people want to add holocaust victims, lynch and slavery victims to it, and make it a memorial to all suffering….FUCK THAT!!!! How dare some selfish moron want to add their suffering to something personal to many people. Why is it that people want to force down people’s throats events that have been covered/memorialized to the ground (we get that a bunch of Jews getting killed was a bad thing, along with a bunch of slaves getting killed, why do we need to rehash the past.)? Let the victims have their memorial, they need closure, and not your issues on top of it making a joke out of their pain

Speaking of whiny little bitches, Sen. Chuck Schumer is at it again, whoring himself to people to get attention. Now he’s bitching about a videogame and how violent it is. My problem with him is that he always finds something to complain about at least once every 3 days, and eh has to waste the time of the NYC people/media…but he comes here and rather than say Buffalo because the media is here, and his Jewish base is here where he can push his “kill all the towelheads” agenda he’s had for years now. He also likes to come up with paranoid theories on how the terrorists will somehow do something not even terrorists in movies would do, he must sit up at night with aluminum foil on his head thinking about this crap.

His new thing is videogames, and how they are going to lead to a huge crime spree of murder, rape, and pillage. This new game called 25 to life, which is aimed to adults like all the games that get complained, is like Grand Theft Auto but in crack. There was a huge press conference trashing the game, Eidos the makers of it, and Sony and Microsoft for licensing the company that makes it. You mean to tell me there aren’t any pressing national problems that these jizzbags can’t address. I guess the Economy is doing well, the budget is perfect, and corruption in business and the government is all gone.

Why is it that Moral dilemmas, which aren’t around until some blowhard just HAS to complain about it to the sheep because they are attention whores, are the main issues in the press these days? It’s people like Fox news, the Fascist Cocksucking Communists, and stupid soccer moms who don’t know to change the channel/station if something they don’t’ like comes on, that is ruining the fabric and idea of the Constitution. I wish I had complete choice to listen or watch what I want, but the government and media thinks that censorship and fake, pussy radio and television is what I want 24/7.

God Bless America I guess, but God damn the politicians that believe that it’s their job to define what is entertainment to the lowest depths of hell, but we all know that they will be there for all their immoral, disgusting pasts…remember, the whiter the underpants, the darker the skidmark.