by Peter Marus

Interesting conversation I had today with someone. It seems that this person read my last entry and took issue with me insulting the sacred cow of New Jersey, Bon Jovi. I heard the opinion voiced to me, and just ignored it since I am a man, I had an opinion, and I chose to voice it. I had an opinion, so what? Everyone has opinions on everything, so deal with it.

That's the thing, a lot of people seem to not get that. I saw on the news some guy was fired from his job over what he had on his Facebook page. So the Nazi-izing of this country continues. Now it seems that your job can now dictate what you can say and do, even when you aren't working!!! I've also heard stories of people getting fired because someone saw them smoking WHEN THEY WEREN'T AT WORK!! What the fuck is going on here?

Look I have a myspace, a Facebook, Twitter, and this thing. If anyone that is a higher ranking person at my job sees this or anything of my stuff and has an issue with it, which I do on MY time on MY computer, go fuck yourselves and fire me. I DARE YOU TO FIRE ME. I will not sit here and give up my freedom to say what I want and feel, just because of the fear of losing my job due to some asshole being bitter he wishes he has balls like me. I go to work and that's "your time"-where I show up, do my job, then it's over. When the work day is over, it's MY time to do whatever the hell I want. This also goes with vacations. I will not be chained to a computer or Blackberry on MY time off. You have no right to even know where I am or know where I am.

Once again, anyone who is reading this from my job, if you don't like my attitude or opinions, tough. That's your problem, not mine. I dare you to fire me, and if you do, then it just shows what big of a pussy and spineless cocksucker you are, and I don't want to be associated with a company that would not respect a man's RIGHT to say what he wants outside of the workplace. If I wrote some rank shit here and did screamed it at the workplace, that's one thing, but I do my job to what is required of me, and that's as far as your rule over me goes.

But then again there is plenty of people, actually most people that won't stand up to this. Here's how things can change: when you find out a company wants to infringe on your rights, say no. If it means leaving the job, so be it and find a place that will welcome you. If enough people do this, then every company will see the truth and allow people do what they want outside of the workplace, and accept other opinions in the workplace-you know, DIVERSITY!!! But most of you people out there will crack and play the perpetual bottom and just take it hard form their job, and prove once again why I feel I am better than 90% of the people in the world, and many of the readers of this.