So how did my Saturday in Dc go?????

by Peter Marus

Oh we lose at home

We lose away,

We lost last week

And we lost today,

We don't give a f*ck

cause we're all piss drunk.....


Yes, Metro lost 2-0 to the scum. It's not totally their fault, I mean they were only playing agaunst 3 teams that day (the Scum, The officials, and MLS....the last two were trying to make sure that 15-year old assclown Freddie "Where's your daddy" Adu make it to the finals to bosst the ratings). But at least on the trip down I got to see "Miracle." it was a great movie, Kurt Russell did a hell of a job in it. The rationale was if the Red Sox watched the movie and won 3 straight against Da Jankees, maybe this could work for Metro...though I thing the TEAM should have watched it not the supporters!!! I got home around 3am (or 2am, since I had to set my clock back an hour).

another season, another clusterf*ck ending....but it wouldn't be a Metro season without it!!!!