Don't Blame me...I voted for Quimby!!!!

by Peter Marus

-So Bush wins...and I can care less, either way the world would still hate us..I have nothing really to say about it except that at least this time it's a legit ending. Good for him, and it's sad that now all freedon of expression will not disappear, especially after his Jesus freak friends get more control over the Supreme Court and the FCC.

-The NBA started this week.....AND STILL NO F*CKING HOCKEY!!! at this point, the union and NHL are a step above childish it could be a while till something comes of it

-so the weekend's upon us, and I ain't got sh*t to do!!!! but I'll probably do what I usually do: try to have the most fun no money can buy!!!

and that's all I got right now...but one more thing: and ode to DC Scum

Warning!!! Not work friendly!!! you night get fired if you look at it