Random ponderings

by Peter Marus

-I hate the idea of all-star games. What's wrong with naming a team at the end of the year and have a event at the championship of the sport (halftime or 1st game of the final series, etc.) It's obvious that players don't like the game (they leave during the game), all they care about is the bonus they get, and usually they don't turn out to be compelling games, more like pre-season games (scrubs are in halfway). The biggest farce is what MLS chose to put a overhyped, benchplayer they were dumb enough to pay $1 mil and revolve there ENTIRE existence around the success on this 15 year old kid name Freddie Adu. First off, the kid plays for DC United (from here on they will be referred to as the scum). I hate DC, in fact I have a song I sing about them with the ESC at Metro games:

Show me the way to go home

I'm tired and I wanna go to bed

I had a little drink about an hour ago,

and it went straight to my head..

Where ever I may roam,

over land or sea or foam

you always hear me singing a song

and this is how it goes..





My other issue is that the kid's 15 and is making a total of over 3 mil/year (salary plus endorsements), and he's on the bench for most of the game!!! But he is the "golden boy", and MLS HAS to hype the kid up more...

Along with all this is that fans are idiots when it comes to voting when it comes to all-stars!! Makes me happy to know they are also going to help decide the leader of this nation...

-along with the election...I don't like either candidates!! I hated them in 2000, but I voted anyway (Pat Buchanan, he was the most sane of all of them!). Now I have to choose between the Jesus-freak hick from Texas who finds gay marriage is more important of an issue than the fact that he led people to their deaths like Lemmings off a cliff. This isn't including the rampant lying about the war and the contract that went to his buddies. It's because of him I blame the fact that I got no job due to his economic policies (the one that said "here poor countries, take the jobs form us and we'll even pay you for it too!").

On the other hand, we have helmet hair, who goes around and preaches how proud he was to serve during Vietnam, yet he came back here to protest the war and spit in the face of the country he worked for like all the other hippies at the time. I also can't stand his "I'm a common man" BS. Yeah, most common men are married to heiresses of billions, and have millions lying around to put into an election. He also is trying to get that Kennedy vibe going, and for some reason, and it annoys me.

Chat buggs me is that Bush won't lose because the better man won the election, it'll be more because they voted because people didn't like him, and that's the dumbest way to vote (not to mention dangerous as hell). I"m voting for a chimp, just because.

-best place for free porn? Google images!!! Just type in a name of a even semi-famous person, and if there's any pics of here it'll be there.

-AMC has been showing some great movies lately, they showed the Rocky series, but I only watched the first 3 (should have stopped with a trilogy, in my opinion), The best was 3. Mr. T was perfect for that part. My favorite lines form that movie

Repoter: "do you have any predictions for the fight, Clubber"

Mr. T: "Pain"

and who doesn't smile when "eye of the Tiger" comes on? That's one of those guilty pleasure songs you don't' really like to admit to liking. The other week they were showing "escape from New York", and that's a great flick too.