I can't believe enough people watch these POS

by Peter Marus

I don't know about you, but I find it amazing that "entertainment news" shows are so popular.  What scares me even more is that people watch these shows more than the real news!!  Apparently, there is a need for programming full of fluff news about people who barely have talent to work at the movie theatre, yet somehow BS/slept their way into a million dollar gig.  Then there are the "anchors" of these shows.  Most of them have that fake, radioish voice that almost makes my head explode.  On top of that, any lead-in to a story has to have a witty title, mostly something that includes the name of the moron the story's about. 


Also, why is it I must be forced this garbage now when I watch the legate news?  Like I care who knocked-up who, or what hack actor is divorcing another over some infidelity.  It really infuriates me that, even in the real news, you are supposed to feel pity for these people.  Am I the only one who cracks a smile when someone comes out with a horrible disease and starts crying on TV?
Martha Stewart is being sentenced tomorrow, and EVERY damn TV station will have live coverage of it!!!!  So it's going to be 3 hours of coverage for something that will last probably 20 mins. Christ, even the Super Bowl knows when to say "that's too much coverage!!"
I forgot to mention another great movie AMC was showing lately, "They Live" starring "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.  It's a cheesy sci-fi flick, but it's funny to watch because it's so cheesy and bad.