by Peter Marus

     Da Ali G show is coming back to HBO Sun. night (and they are showing some of the past season right now as I write this).  It's not a bad show, sometimes it seems to drag on.  When the skit works, it's works great.  If it sucks, it feels like the skit runs forever.  It is one of those shows you either like or not.

     How about those Mets!!!!  Just when they are about to reach that brass ring, the fall off the chair they were standing on and fall right on their asses!!!  Watching Ty Wiggington after the news he was going to be traded has given me an idea, tell the entire team they are tradeable and the Mets would be unbeatable!!!!
     F the Yankees (or as they are called in my neighborhood, "Da Jankees").  I hope the rumor of Randy Johnson is going to be traded to then is false, I'd love to see him go to the Sawx (as a Mets fan, I am also a Red Sox sympathizer).  Could you imagine the sox with Shilling, Johnson, and Pedro in the rotation?  That would bring things to this world of biblical proportions!! I'll be honest, I wanted to see a Cubs-Red Sox World Series.  I was interested to see what the apocalypse would have been like....