My Sat.

by Peter Marus

     I haven't felt good all day.  Maybe it's because I didnt' get a whole lot of sleep last night or just the after affects of drinking last night.  For some reason, I didnt' feel like I was firing on all cylinders.  

     Today I went with my cousin, his Fiancee, and her parents to get fitted for a tux.  I had to go since I'm my cousin's best man.  I don't really remember much about the whole experience, but I do remember the guy helping us had one of those frilly pirate shirts on and tight black jeans.  The tuxes we (or should I say, the blushing bride chose, it is her day after all!!) looks pretty sweet.  They're black, and my cousin's going to have a platinum vest and tie, while I will have a red vest and tir to go with the brides' maid's dress.  Unfortuatly, my suggestion of all-white tuxes was somehow shot down quickly....

     After the trip to the place, I hung out with my cousin for a little bit to watch the baseball game.  After a few innings of watching the Mets fall apart, I went home.  I didn't feel to great all day, but for some reason I fel worse after I left my cousin's house and came home.  The reat of the day is a blur, I dont' remembe much of what I did.  I remember at dinner, I didn't have much.  I felt full and really didnt' want to eat (might have been the Chinese food I had earlier, in fact maybe that's want making me feel like crap).   I was supposed to go out tonight and hang out with my friends downtown, but I just didn't feel like sitting on a train and in a bar feeling the way I do.  I can't really describe how I feel, it's like I'm full, but also like I want to puke.  I'm also lathargic, so maybe I'll get to bed early tonight.  this weather isn't helping it either.  Hopefully Ifeel better tomorrow.