Monday night's thoughts...

by Peter Marus

     Since Saturday, I"ve felt a hell of a lot better.  unfortunately, my father screwed up his heel (more of a reinjury), he tripped over a gate in our house we have set up for out dog, and aggravated a spur on his heel, he couldn't walk all day yesterday, and he went to the emergency room about it in it (personally I thought a waste of time).  The doctor told him to rest for a couple day and go see his orthopedic.  So for a couple days, he's stuck in the house.  He was walking better today, but that could be aided by the painkillers he's taking....

     As far as my job search...I hate it when people ask me "any bites in your job search?" I just answer "No,  the job market just bites!!!"  Haven't heard back from anyone yet, but I do have some leads, just the thing is that for all I know they may lead me into a damn wall.   I don't know what to do, this whole thing has done a job on my head.  I"m 25, going to be 25 in August, and I have not started a career in anything yet except being a failure.  I don't know if I'm angry, frustrated, or scared, or I may be all that at the same time...It just bothers me that my dumbass hasn't gotten a job yet.  And before someone says "why not get a job in a fast food place, retail, etc.?" well, that part of the economy is even more cutthroat.  Mostly because I have to compete with the high schoolers, and other people like myself (college educated, but cant' get a real job).
     Enough about me, that's all my problem, I'll deal with it.    On another subject, I can't wait to see the "Peaceful" protesters start a fight with the cops.  The sad part is these failed abortions are going to swing at a cop, and when the cop rightfully embeds his baton into their skulls, they're going got run to their rich mommys and daddys and sue the city over brutality.  They all did this during the anti-war protests and that just got settled in court today.  At least the court saw it the cops way, but they worded it to make the hippies feel better about themselves.  I"m sick of thest protesters, most of them don't believe in what they are protesting for.  most of them are doing it because they want to be cool and non-conformists (sort of like what most "punk" rockers are now, want to be different but they a part of the punk "culture" by conforming to that standard).  I hated these air-stealers in college.  When I see these "People", I think the saying fits perfectly (Don't remember who said it):
"The worst part of freedom of speech is that everyone's guaranteed.."
     By the way, a book just came out about the greatest team in the history of organized sports....That's right the '86 NY Mets.  I can't wait to read it because it apparently describes the Mets were like a frat.     I remember in the 80's and early 90's when all baseball teams were like that, full of guys that went out and played their guts out on the field, then went out that night and partied that hard.  They didn't have personal trainers there to tell them when and how to do everything.  None of the real players in the past worked out in a gym before/after a game, in fact I think most of today's injuries are cause because of this mentality.  You never heard of Lenny Dykstra, Dareen Daulton, John Kruk, or Rob Dibble doing anything players do today as far as working out.  They would just show up their job, and goout and party with the common man that night (and maybe kick some ass at the same time).   Former Phillies player John Kruk said it best one night to a woman asking about how he can look so out of shape and still play baseball.  He said "Lady, I'm a ballplayer, not an athlete!!"  I think if I could assemble a team full of players with this mentality, it would dominate baseball.  All they would do is play their hearts out and give everything they got to win the game.  My pitchers, both starters and bullpen, would not be afraid to try and decapitate a hitter if they were showed up by them.