Well, this night sucked!!!!

by Peter Marus

-The Metros fail to advance in the US Open Cup (one of the oldest tournaments in the world.)  It's a tournament where all professional and amateur soccer teams in the US can compete in a single elimination format to see who is the best team in the nation is (picture the NCAA basketball event on crack), The Metros lost to a team form the A-league (like a minor league team, but isn't...hard to explain).  Last yeat the Metros fell just short in winning this Cup, losing to the Chicago Fire in the finals at Giants Stadium.  This Cup is different than the MLS Cup (considered the League championship).

-I started reading The Bad Guys Won! by Jeff Pearlman.  It's about the 1986 Mets, and how rowdy and out of control they were during this time.  I've gotten about a 1/4 of the ay through and I have to say it's a fantastic book that really shows how the players really were.  Most of them were asses, but they played hard and were a family.  Like I said in another post, I miss teams like this, it made being a sportsfan fun thinking these guys are just like us, just with a little bit more athletic talent.

-Speaking of the Mets, they got swept tonight by the Marlins.  good to see they are taking this pennant race seriously, since there's no chance in hell they'll get a sniff of the NL Wild Card...