I feel better tonight...

by Peter Marus

....After talking to someone.  I was sitting here online tonight while watching boxing on HBO tonight, and I just felt down.  I felt down thinking about how everything has turned out for me.  Well, after a couple hours of just tooling around the net, I happen to notice this person online.  We started talking about different things (nothing really exciting), and for a while I felt better. We chatted about what I was down about for a little bit, but we changed the subject to something else.  After a while this person went to sleep, and I was sitting here thinking how much better I felt after talking. 

basically what I'm saying is that if you are know someone is down, just start talking about anything, not necessarily about the problems you or they got, but anything.  If you or that person can get their minds occupied about something else for a bit, usually you or they feel better....That is unless they go back to that they were worried about!!!

Oh, and if the person I'm talking about happens to read this, thanks! (don't want to give out who I'm talking about out of respect, plus I don't want that person pissed!!)