2 days to go

by Peter Marus

     It's only Monday and I'm already nervous about this thing on Wed.  I'm doubly nervous not just about the actual thing on Wed., but also the fact that I may be called into Jury Duty before then, and I 'd have to miss the damn thing.  So after 5 today and throughout the week I have to call a number to see if I have to report to one of the courthouses here in Queens.  Needless to say I won't be a happy camper if I hear the computer on the other side of the phone say "report to the courthouse blah blah blah...."  Should that happen, it would just be another thing in my life that doesn't go "1-2-3".


     Don't ask me why, but it seems the simplest things and most routine things don't turn out that way when I'm involved.  It really pisses me off.  whenever someone tells me something "should be easy as 1-2-3", they usually turn out to also have a 1a, 1b, 1c, etc.  that cause me to get really angry and frustrated.  So now whenever tells me that phrase, I have to use every ounce of restraint I have not to choke that person!!!  Then again this is the story of my life, so it shouldn't really shock me if all these plans go straight to hell this weekend. 
     Well on the bright side, this weekend went ok as far as my sports teams go.  The Metros did something they haven't done in a while, beat Chicago Sat night, and giving the head Coach Bob Bradley his 100th win in MLS.  He's the first coach to get 100 wins in MLS (ironically, most of his 100 wins came when he was head coach of Chicago).  On the other hand, the Mets did blow a good chance to gain ground in the playoff race by losing both games against the Braves.  Honestly, the may have lost 3 if the Fri. night game wasn't rained out.  At least The Red Sox took 2 of 3 away form the Yankees.  Made me feel better after seeing that.  Only thing better would have been if some of the Yankees did get hurt in that "brawl" (more of a sissy-slap fight).  This is bad when the traditional bench-clearing brawl is so wussified with he threat of suspensions from the dictators in the MLB office.  What happened to the players policing themselves, that always made the game great (this also applies to other sports as well).  Guess those PC fascists  must be so proud of taking away all the fun by getting Lawyers involved in anything the common person would find entertaining.  As I say in life "When lawyers get involved, all the fun is gone".
     I hope there is something interesting on TV tonight, since everyone is going to cover the week-long infomercial/propaganda fest by the communists up in Boston, crippling that city by only shutting down a major transit hub and major highway.  It is a stroke of genius to hold an event that you promised the city's population would bring in $100 +Mil in revenue, but now will end up costing the city 50, while inconvenience thousands on their way to work....Then again they BS artist that said this was the alky that drove his date into a lake where she drowned, and didn't get charged for it.  After this monstrosity, a couple weeks later the religious fundamentalists fascists have their event here in NYC, which will cost us millions while crippling the entire city for something where nothing new will get done.  Oh that's right, wrestling is on tonight, where the people on there are more believable than anyone speaking or attending either "conventions"....