by Peter Marus

-Ever notice that sunight sucks after it burns you? I feel like a vampire in my house here staying away form a windiw where lights coming in
-I was supposed to go to Jersey today, and maybe Middletown Tomorrow, but like last week I cancelled my plans for the entire weekend....gotta find something better to do than sit around a think about all the thoughts in my head
-Mets finally got a entire pitching rotation, but they had to sacrifice their future for it. They are finally acting like a real ball team, more worried about the now than the future...
-Gee for a company that can get the best teams in the world to play soccer in the states throughout the summer, you'd think they could get better offices outside Teterboro airport!!! But I guess that' show they are rich, by being cheap (too bad the guy that owns the company tried that with the Metros when he ran them, and they are just gettingout of the hole he put them in). That's why I won't go see Man U at Giants Stadium, I feel wrong giving that crook my money.