Random thoughts from today

by Peter Marus

-I am amused with the amount of press coverage there is in general in this world. Between the regular network news, cable news stations, and internet sites, you can find out everything about anything. The only problem is that it's not always right. Take the NY Post yesterday, which BTW the fact that there are people dumb enough to pay $71 on eBay for a 25 cent newspaper astounds me, sorta got the Vp selection WRONG!!!!! If this was 10-15 years ago, the confusion would be almost amazing. Thank God that this society is an instant gratification type and I could get the right answer immediately yesterday morning.

-I have been unemployed for a while now, and today I decided to apply to work in a supermarket, cause brutha's broke. I chose to go through their website, since I had no time to use their kiosk when I was in the store this morning, especially when I noticed it said it would take me about a half an hour to complete the process. After going through the initial pages on their application site (standard stuff-name, personal info, employment history, etc.), I started thinking why it would take so long to fill this out. After hitting the "next button on their site, I got the answer....210 f-ing questions I had to answer. I thought no problem, and proceeded to start answering the questions...One thing I noticed is that they repeat questions a hell of a lot. I figured it was a test to see how consistent you answer the questions, but when you answer a question 5 F-ING times, it gets annoying (not to mention I started to wonder if I put the same answer down for all of them.) I don't know how to feel about this application process. On one hand I can understand the idea you must screen all applicants for the best available. On the other hand, when you put complex, involving processes, you can accidentally force qualified individuals fall through the cracks. But what gets me is that companies who have these processes complain how no people are out there to hire. Ironically, when I was working Iused to bitch and moan about how companies would have half-assed hiring processes that would give the underqualified an advantage

-Good to see my NY Rangers hired a coach. I think it's cool they offered the job at first to their minor league coach, but he said he felt he wasn't ready for it. I think it's cool he chose to stay with the minor league team, it gives him at least another 2 years to gain coaching experience and confidence in his coaching abilities before stepping into the big time. Now the test is to see if he is a puppet for the inept management, or will he actually have a backbone and tell management how HE wants to run the team (assuming the NHL has a season this year) On a related note, if they sign Mark Messier that will be the worst idea for them to do. That will stump the youth movement on the team and the rebuilding of the original 6 franchise will be delayed for years AGAIN!!!

-I'm a huge soccer fan, especially for the Metrostars on Major League Soccer. I usually read the message boards of the fan site dedicated to the team. Most of the posts on the site are about the team and their performance in-game and analysis of the team overall. Now, Most of the posts have some fact and intelligence behind them. But since it is a fan site, it means that "passionate" fans post as well. Most of these post are the "shoot from the hip" style which is good and bad. Good in that you do get the fan's perspective of things, but bad in that a lot of the time it's the most unintelligent, moronic dribble you ever read. For example: the Metros lost big last Sat against their biggest rivals. Since that game most of these "passionate" fans want the team dismantled and the coach fired. Obviously they forgot the fact that the team was in first place most of the season, and the team is dead tired for playing 3 games in about 12 days. Needles to say, it has been interesting rreading/posting the debates between the smart fans and the "passionate" fans. Isn't the first amendment great!!!!

that's it for now