3 CDs in my stereo right now

by Peter Marus

I like a lot of different music. Most of the time I listen to hard rock and old-school rap, but I'm also known to listen to other stuff as well. Today I was thinking about the 3 Cds I have in my stereo right now and thought I'd share you what think about them.

1 Beastie Boys To the 5 boroughs-I was skeptical about this album after I heard their first single off of it, but after hearing the entire album I can say that this is one of their better albums. It's stripped-down basic, style is refreshing. After hearing the crap that passes as "rap" these days, with many overlapped samples and jibberish about how rich the artists are, To the 5 boroughs reminds me of how rap was in the 80's and early 90's. There's quite a bit of political rreferences in some of the songs, but it doesn't really take away anything form the album. SO far I"m digging "Right Right Now Now", 3 the Hard way", "Rhyme to Rhyme well", "Triple Trouble", and "Hey F--- You"

2. Sevendust Sevendust This is an older album, but I think it's their best album. Sevendust is a band I feel is the most underrated bands in Rock today. They have a talent to combine crunching guitars and the voice of their lead singer into a perfect combination. Best examples of this is on the tracks "Prayer", "Black", and "Born to Die". I wouldn't say really just listen to these track, but the entire album

3. The Dandy Warhols Welcome to the Monkey House This is more of a college radio station, alternative type band. I happened to hear their single "We used to be friends" one nighton the radio and I decided to pick it up. For the most part, It's one of those albums you either like it or don't. SOme of the songs are drawn out, but then again what alternative band's songs aren't. some of the standout tracks I like are "We Used To Be Friends", "Welcome to the Monkey House", "Wonderful You", and "Heavenly". This is one of those bands you happen to just find, since the industry doesn't like new, creative bands anymore.

So that's what I have in my stereo now, usually I have different Cds in it. With me, it's usually it's more of "hey haven't heard that in a while" type reason to put cds in and listen to.

BTW the title of my blog comes from when soccer fans clash in the stadium it's referred to as "trouble in the terraces". And my thoughts in my head feel like a soccer riot hence the title.